Submitting to Be More Vile: Charlie Baber and Wesley Bros

On a recent episode of their podcast "Let's Talk About the Bible," Rachel Hagewood and Ben Howard interview Charlie Baber, the cartoonist behind the popular "Wesley Bros" strip. Charlie's new book is Submitting to Be More Vile: The Illustrated Adventures of John and Charles Wesley. [Download a free PDF sample from the book below.]

To say Charlie Baber teaches Wesleyan theology, history and practice unlike anyone else is an understatement. Through his Wesley Bros Comics, he created “webcomics” — an online world where historical church figures all exist at the same time…our time.

In Submitting to Be More Vile, Baber collects his comics in printed form and includes group-discussion guides that make the book perfect for youth groups, adults and college/seminary students. Those new to the Wesleyan tradition will find Baber’s style easily accessible and those who have a strong United Methodist background will find themselves chuckling at his unique approach.

"Let's Talk About the Bible" is a show that promises to do exactly what the title says: talk about the Bible. Each month, Rachel Hagewood and Ben Howard will get together for an in-depth look at a different concept from the Bible. They'll read Scripture, talk theology, bounce ideas off of each other, and do their best to make you think and make you laugh. In between these biblical deep-dives, Rachel and Ben will be joined by a different guest each month to explore these concepts from a different, and occasionally unusual, angle. 

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