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December 18th, 2019

One of the internet’s greatest qualities is its ability to make learning more accessible for everyone, regardless of their geographic location. N.T Wright Online is working to develop online courses that help participants to “be transformed by the renewing of the mind” no matter where they happen to live.

N.T. Wright is well known throughout the worldwide Christian community as a top-tier New Testament scholar and theologian. He is currently Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University. 

N.T. Wright Online is a collaboration between Prof. Wright and the Dr. David Seemuth, who is founder and president of the non-profit Wisconsin Center for Christian Study. The site develops online classes that contain video lecture material, written material to augment the videos, textbook recommendations, assessment tools (i.e., quizzes), and discussion sections so participants can dialogue online with fellow students from around the world. The courses are meant to be sources of enrichment for those who choose to participate in the classes.

One United Methodist Pastor from Kansas wrote:

Being able to take a course from someone as reputable as N.T. Wright is unheard of normally. I can edify the flock in my care without having to leave the area. Everything I’m learning is passed on in my sermons. My spiritual life is refreshed so I can continue to pour into my congregation. Thank you for making a wonderful learning experience available online!

Courses are offered at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Classes are reasonably priced and there are students from 180 countries participating in this learning experience.

Several beginner-level courses are offered free, including Faith Working Through Love. To enroll, or to get more information about taking Professor Wright’s classes individually or with your church group, visit N.T. Wright Online today.

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