Advent: Peace be with you

November 26th, 2019

Peace be with you

Happy First Sunday of Advent! OK, so today is not quite as exciting as Christmas, but it is the beginning of the spiritual preparation we make leading up to that special day. The word Advent means coming, referring not only to Jesus’ coming as a baby in Bethlehem but also his promised Second Coming.

Our source of peace

This week's focal scriptures all come from the Lectionary readings. What connects these passages is the idea of peace and the place, Jerusalem. Jerusalem has never enjoyed lasting peace, yet the city is still the seat of all major western religions, the destination for Jews, Christians and Muslims the world over. For Christians, Jesus is the starting point for our sense of inner peace. When we feel most out of sync, most stressed, and most troubled, we can remember Jesus’ words: “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you” (John 14:27a). From remembering Jesus’ teachings and viewing how he handled conflicts, we can learn how to experience Advent differently this year.

Take peace with you

As we prepare for the Advent season, we typically get caught up in the consumerism and family traditions or drama. We do all the shopping, baking, cleaning, preparing for guests or travel, wrapping gifts, attending parties and special events, and more. It can be a chaotic time that generates far more stress than peace. So, let’s begin this season with a look at daily and weekly habits that will help us find inner peace when we need it most. Our sense of peace can diffuse another’s frustration, bring calm to chaos, a forgiving spirit to a strained relationship, a healing balm to another’s grief, or even a sense of humor when our plans don’t work out. Begin each day with Jesus and with peace, then take both into the world and see what a difference peace makes this Advent.

Question of the day: What helps you feel at peace?
Focal scriptures: Psalm 122; Matthew 24:36-44; Isaiah 2:3-4

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