Gospel Discipleship Assessment

  1. Which of these words best describes discipleship to you?
  2. Which feels most like discipleship to you?
  3. What could best help you understand your faith and how to live it?
  4. What is the best witness to your personal faith?
  5. Who would you most want to trade places with in the Bible?
  6. What works best to help you grow in your faith?
  7. What is the biggest strength of your particular church?
  8. What would you like people to say about your particular church?
  9. What adjective best describes you?
  10. Which word bests describes ideal leaders in a church?
  11. Which phrase best describes your ideal pastor?
  12. What is the best way to make a disciple?
  13. What would be a significant faith crisis for you?
  14. What do you think the purpose of the church is in the 21st century?
  15. Which phrase best describes who faithful people of God are?
  16. When the church is off track, ____________.
  17. To grow in my own discipleship, I need ____________.
  18. The church should _____________________.
  19. The church is missing the point when __________________.
  20. I have been most frustrated with church when _______________.
  21. The kind of pastor who would be best for us ______________.
  22. The best way to share Jesus with others is to _______________.

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