How the American Bible Society became evangelical

By John Fea / Religion News Service
(RNS) The American Bible Society, an organization that for over 200 years has been on a mission of distributing Bibles, has produced a statement of faith and lifestyle… read more

Bishop rules 2 LGBTQ clergy candidates ineligible

By Erik Alsgaard
BALTIMORE (UMNS) — Baltimore-Washington Area Bishop LaTrelle Easterling ruled that two individuals the Board of Ordained Ministry had approved were not eligible for… read more

Seminary board strips Paige Patterson of title and benefits in dramatic turnabout

By Yonat Shimron / Religion News Service
(RNS) — After considering fresh evidence of an alleged rape cover-up, the board of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth voted to strip embattled former… read more

Why I'm Not Afraid of the 'Gracious Exit'

By Bryan Bucher
The following article addresses specific challenges facing The United Methodist Church. For more articles, excerpts, and videos on this topic, visit our Faultlines… read more

Could Ben Franklin Save Our General Conference?

By James C. Howell
Question: might God’s church we call United Methodist be rescued by Benjamin Franklin? During these gloomy days when many of us are pondering the likelihood of an impending… read more

Employees quit American Bible Society over sex and marriage rules

By Yonat Shimron / Religion News Service
(RNS) — One of the oldest nonprofit organizations dedicated to distributing Bibles around the world will soon require all employees to adhere to orthodox Christian beliefs… read more

Southern Baptists have more repenting to do

By Brian D. McLaren
(RNS) — A Southern Baptist leader just acknowledged the arrival of the #MeToo movement in his quarters. And Albert Mohler Jr. is not just any leader. He’s president of … read more

Pastoral Care for a More than Cognitive Faith: Dementia as Crisis/Opportunity for the Church

By Kenneth L. Carder
On a cold rainy November day in 2009, my wife and I received news that changed every aspect of our lives—vocation, location, roles, finances, relationships, theological… read more

Soul care

By Melissa Spoelstra
I almost missed it. It hit me while I was out on a walk enjoying the beautiful sunshine and listening to my Jesus music. If I hadn’t taken the time to engage in soul care (a … read more

Heartbursts: The Right Questions About "Fresh Expressions"

By Thomas G. Bandy
Heartbursts: Churches Empathizing with Cultures is a regular column helping leaders plan, implement, and evaluate credible and relevant ministries based on cultural… read more

The Lure of Cure in Post-Traumatic Times

By Shelly Rambo
“There is never any resolution, just the process of healing,” Gloria Anzaldúa writes. [1] A visionary, activist, and Chicana author living in Texas near the… read more

Ministry Matters Group Subscriptions

By Ministry Matters
Anyone serving the study needs of multiple users knows that it is difficult if not impossible to find multi-user access to high-quality reference and study works online for a… read more
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