What Is Creativity?

August 14th, 2012

What is creativity?

I live in a box. My box is like the box next to me. In fact, I live in a row of boxes. Each box looks the same, feels the same.

But my box is different. My box reflects me.

I have a wife who refuses to settle for ordinary. In fact, she takes ordinary and tinkers with it until it reaches extraordinary status. If you ever get a chance to come by my home for a visit, you will see, my box is unlike the others. Thank you Aimee, my passionate wife who abhors mediocrity.

Returning to my question, what is creativity? Creativity is taking the ordinary,

the mundane,

the common,

the average,

and transforming it. Creativity molds whatever is being created, or recreated, to look like the one doing the creating.

You have a body. Your body looks a lot like the body next to you. You live in a world of similar looking bodies. Some taller than others; some darker than others; some work better than others; but they all look like a body.

But God doesn’t look at the body; He looks on the inside. And given the opportunity to renovate, He recreates you to reflect Himself. After all, He is the one doing the creating. He just awaits the invitation to come in and start working…

You have to open the door of your box.

Now, that is an obvious parallel to this question, “what is creativity?” albeit a rabbit trail of one… But to take this to the next level, the question then is, “who is creative?”

I have the pleasure of people calling me creative. I did not believe their observation until recently. I had always thought creativity was either something genetic, passed down from our parents and their parents before them; or that creativity flowed out of one side of the brain or the other. Yet is creativity really something so mundane as “you either got it or you don’t”?

I’ve come to understand that creativity is more creative than a checkmark in a grocery list of human attributes.

“Check ‘yes’ or ‘no.’”

It is God’s refection on us.

When humanity was floating around as a possibility in the consciousness of God, (though I’m not sure how that process went), I am certain He didn’t create us in his image meaning 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, etc. But He formed us with some of His attributes.

God is creative.

We are creative.

Some have discovered this; others are learning.

The question, “what is creativity?” stands as an eternal pursuit of what we already have… and don’t know it.

God wants to recreate you from the inside out to reflect the goodness of Himself. (*Note Sin deforms us, hence the need for re-creation.) And He wants you to, in turn, do some creating yourself.

Make your box unlike the other boxes because it reflects God’s prized creation: you.

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