Treasure Bonus Materials

April 22nd, 2014

Welcome to the online bonus materials accompanying the Treasure sermon series resource.

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The Treasure links below go to Premium and free content.

Sermon #1 Where is Your Treasure? (Matthew 6:19-23)

  • The New Interpreter's Bible commentary on Matthew 6
  • Steward, Stewardship by Catherine Jones from The New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible
  • The Sermon on the Mount from the Interpreter's One Volume Commentary read
  • Does It Really Matter? by J. Clif Christopher read
  • A Generous Life by Ben Simpson read
  • Food from the Earth by Betsy Hall read

Sermon #2 The Problem with Two Masters (Matthew 6:24)

  • From Donation to Sacrifice by Mike Slaughter read
  • The Spirituality of Giving by Victor Parachin read
  • Teaching Children to Give by Jeff Anderson read
  • Gimme the Plastic, Please? by Grace Biskie read

Sermon #3 Giving Your Treasure Back to God (Matthew 6:1-6)

  • True Piety and False from the Believer's Church Bible Commentary read
  • Stewardship to Generosity by Robert Schnase read

Sermon #4 Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing (Matthew 6:25-34)

  • The Sermon on the Mount from the Abingdon New Testament Commentary: Matthew read
  • Potholes of Stewardship by Timothy Siburg read
  • Teaching Stewardship by Nan S. Duerling read
  • Possessions Can Possess Us by Mike Coyner read

We also recommend you read Kim Miller's article Setting the Stage for Series.

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