What to do if your church is a hub for Pokémon Go

July 12th, 2016

Are a bunch of strangers suddenly wandering around your church parking lot and staring at their phones? Congratulations! Your church is probably one of the many PokéStops or Gyms in the new Pokémon Go app. Here are three major ways your church can join in on the excitement and interact with these new visitors.

Welcome players

Put that church sign to use and let people know they can stop by.

Let people on social media know that gamers are welcome.

Pokémon Go is a major battery drainer. Offer a place for people to charge their phones!

This app encourages a lot of walking. During these summer months, players will really appreciate you setting out some water for them!

Create conversations

Learn the game! Your church steps and parking lots will be filled with kids and adults who will probably be excited to talk about their new hobby. Ask questions, get tips, and start playing yourself.

If your church is gym, try to figure out who is your gym leader. They’ll probably be stopping by often to maintain their title.

Meet people and create community. This app is causing relationships to be developed. Go out there and build new connections!

Spread information

With your newfound popularity, now is a great time to let people know about your church and what you offer. Make signs or share cards!

Have fun welcoming in this new Pokémon Go community to your church family!

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This post was first published at Cokesbury Commons.

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