Easter Fundraising

by J. Clif Christopher
Easter is the greatest celebration in the Christian year. It is a time to shout, sing, and rejoice that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, rose from the grave to live forever and… read more

How to Prepare a Sermon

by Adam Thomas
read more

Review: Web-Empowered Ministry

by Patricia Farris
If you’re thinking about building a church website or some form of internet ministry, or if you’re convinced that such a ministry is not anything you could take on… read more

How Worship Brought Our Church Back from the Dead

by Martin Thielen
Ten years ago the previous pastor of my church told the congregation, “Our church is dying.” And he was right. For four decades the church suffered slow but steady… read more

Review: Preaching for Church Transformation

by Patricia Farris
Pastor, church consultant, coach, and author Bill Easum’s latest book, Preaching for Church Transformation (Abingdon, 2010), will be most useful for pastors in new church… read more

The Legacy Conversation: Helping a Congregation Die with Dignity

by Gil Rendle
The numbers are simply against a good portion of our small North American congregations. North American Protestantism has always been a small-church experience. While most of the… read more
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