Interview w/ Mike Slaughter

by Shane Raynor
I had the opportunity this week to talk with Mike Slaughter, the lead pastor of Ginghamsburg Church and author of Change the World. Here are a few highlights. The complete… read more

Movie Theaters and Church

by Joseph Yoo
I love going to theaters. Check that. I used to love going to theaters. It was always a form of escape. I often went alone because I could be immersed into the world that the… read more

Boost Sunday School Attendance

by Peter Metz
Who attends the children's Sunday school at your church? Probably kids whose parents attend worship. It's only logical. How do you increase attendance? Just as logically, by… read more

The Greatest Need in the American Church Today

by Mike Slaughter
This is the first of Ministry Matters' new video series featuring well-known pastors and ministry leaders across America. Check back next week to see featured video of Lori… read more

Kirbyjon Caldwell: Mentoring & Ministry

by UMTV (External Video)
The Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell leads Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas which is a congregation of almost 20,000, one of the largest churches anywhere. After… read more

Dying Churches

by M. Kathryn Armistead
If Jesus is Lord of the living, why are there so many dying churches? Ministry is tough. And at its roughest times, it can make us doubt the goodness of God. Why is the Body of… read more
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