The Answer to Bad Religion is Not No Religion but Good Religion

by Martin Thielen
Way back in 1859, Charles Darwin startled the world by publishing his famous (many would say infamous) book, On the Origin of Species, which laid out his theory of evolution. You… read more

Why You Need a Cry Room

by Jessica Miller Kelley
Have you ever had to wrangle a squirmy, cranky baby in the middle of a church service? There are people all around you trying to listen, pray, and otherwise participate in… read more

From Anonymity to Accountability

by Jessica Miller Kelley
listen to ‘California Chrome - the Triple Crown bid’ on Audioboo // Our mission in ministry is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, but “becoming a… read more

Shaping Welcoming Spaces

by Susan Eaton Mendenhall
"We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.” These words of Winston Churchill continue to teach by example as we enter public buildings, churches, and… read more

Wasted Space, Wasted Opportunity

by Dan R. Dick
A church that attracts a large number of people, offers a wide variety of programs, is financially sound, and provides engaging worship is generally considered to be a… read more

The Invitation: A Means of Grace for Hispanics

by Dottie Escobedo-Frank
So you want to reach out to your neighborhood, which includes some Hispanics. You've walked your community, visited the schools, and perused the malls and you notice the browning… read more
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