Prophetic Preaching in the Real Pulpit

by Matthew L. Kelley
I went to a large preaching conference a few years back, where one day was specially designated as a “celebration of prophetic preaching.” Some very big names were the … read more

When The Church is The Victim: A Pastoral Response to Financial Indiscretion

by Jodi McCullah
She fully intended to pay it all back. “Elizabeth” even tried to keep track of how much she was “borrowing” from the collection plate. Still, the treasurer … read more

Caring for the Caregivers: Ministering to the Sandwich Generation

by Myra F. Smith
This is the fifth commandment, given by God to Moses, as one portion of his instructions to the Israelites. While we often emphasize this command only with children, it is… read more

The Art of the Coffee Hour

by Donna Schaper
Incarnationalists, like me, love the way the holy occupies the ordinary. We are most excited at Christmas time when God becomes human, the holy becomes fleshy, eternity becomes… read more

At Your Service: Three Basics for Hospitality Ministry

by Tracey Michae'l Lewis-Giggetts
There is an erroneous assumption that being a Christian is equivalent to being a nice person. True Christ-following goes far beyond simple friendliness, however, to a genuine… read more

Preaching out of Pain

by J. Howard Olds
Renowned author Henri Nouwen used the book In Memoriam to tell the story of his mother's death and his consuming grief. Somebody asked Nouwen, “Why do you do this? Why are… read more
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