4 Myths about Christian Funerals

by Thomas G. Long
Recently my wife and I were biking down a two-lane back road that winds through the forests and cornfields of rural Maryland. As we went around a bend, we saw on the side of… read more

Moment of Loss, Seasons of Grief

by Herbert Anderson
The work of grieving happens between remembering and hoping, between building a treasured memory and anticipating a new future. Grief often gets stuck when mourners are unable… read more

Standing on Holy Ground

by Mark LaRocca-Pitts
It is hard to be a caregiver. Beyond the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges of caring for those who are sick is a deeper spiritual challenge. This deeper spiritual… read more

The Ministry of Good Death

by Rebekah Milesa and Len Delony
A chaplain was called to the bedside of a woman nearing death. When he entered the hospital room, Susan, who was very weak and in the final stages of cancer, was surrounded by… read more

Helping People Through the Grief Experience of Job Loss

by James W. Moore
Many talented, committed people (through no fault of their own) have lost their jobs. Some have become suddenly unemployed; others feel woefully underemployed. Some are sad, some… read more

The Face Of Depression

by Susan Gregg-Schroeder
When I look out at the congregation on Sunday morning, I see beyond the faces, the Sunday demeanor, and church clothes. I see faces that are hiding deep pain and… read more
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