The Journey Toward Healing: Support After Divorce

by Allynn Walker
No one hears the word of grace with as much gratitude as those whose lives have been painfully devoid of it.  It is the first night of the “Growing through… read more

Officiating at a Funeral: An Intimate and Awesome Task

by Kip R. Gilts
"Chaplain, I'd like for you to do my mother's funeral." Chaplain? Who was she talking to? I was fresh out of seminary, insecure, and had not even attended many funerals! Thus… read more

Stones of Remembrance: Beyond the Funeral

by Blair Gilmer Meeks
The following ritual is an example of a service that can be held at a gathering the night before the funeral or at a meal served in the church dining room or family home following … read more


by Paul Juvinal
Annie It was already late in the evening when I arrived at the Healthcare Unit of the downtown Care Facility. The doctor had just left Annie and was giving instructions to the… read more

Preaching to Form A Pastoral Community

by Lee Ramsey
Preachers wrestle with a recurring problem: care. Odd as it seems, we often find preaching difficult because we care. We preach among people who call us to proclaim God's word and … read more

If Pandemic Strikes

by Kevin Ellers
Historically, there has perhaps never been a more visible display of the Church in action, loving and caring for people in distress, than its response to major disasters. I have… read more
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