What Does the Prince of Peace Require of Us?

by James C. Howell
“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God” - Matthew 5:9 All Christians are required to be pacifists. Let's bracket political policy… read more

Connecting with Clergy Colleagues

by Buzz Stevens
After serving six years as a campus minister I realized that assignments beyond-the-local-church can cause one to feel like a second-class colleague at times. Maybe it was just… read more

Clergy Families: Keeping up Appearances

by Linda S. Hileman
Mary and Matthew Winkler were, according to members of their congregation, the perfect pastoral couple. At least they seemed to be until Mary, by her own admission, shot Matthew… read more

What About Kat?

by Carol Cavin-Dillon
What about Kat? Do you think she's going to hell?” It was the hardest question I'd ever been asked. Kat was my college roommate and my closest friend. We were at the beach… read more

A Man with a Plan

by Will Campbell
Matt was just a youngster when he arrived in Music City. But he was ambitious, talented, energetic, fun loving, handsome, and ever so bright. I don't recall precisely when he… read more

How Would Jesus Respond to People with AIDS?

by M. Kent Millard
Two years ago, a seminary student attending a Protestant seminary in northeast India shared with a trusted seminary professor that he had tested HIV positive. Obviously that… read more
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