The Face Of Depression

by Susan Gregg-Schroeder
When I look out at the congregation on Sunday morning, I see beyond the faces, the Sunday demeanor, and church clothes. I see faces that are hiding deep pain and… read more

Too Little, Too Late?

by Martin Nicholas
During the Christmas holidays, a cold front pushed frigid air and freezing temperatures upon Houston while my wife and I were away traveling. On our return to town, I was… read more

The Pastor as Marriage Fixer

by Blaine B. Rader
They met in college. After their first date, Marc announced to his roommates that he had found the woman he would marry. Chris felt good with Marc. He lifted her spirits. In two… read more

A Sense of Place

by Thomas E. Frank
The mission challenge for our churches is to help us become inhabitants. Planted in a place, congregations can put down deep roots. On Thursday evening, June 21, 1781, Francis… read more

Blending Families

by Dick Dunn
When John and Susan decided to marry, neither of them thought that children from their previous marriages would interfere with their new marriage in any way. Susan's son was… read more

Marriage Enrichment in Your Church

by Steve and Judith Hill
In solicited comments from the “people-on-the-street” asking which relationship in their lives they would most like to improve, almost 87% of those questioned said… read more
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