Blending Families

by Dick Dunn
When John and Susan decided to marry, neither of them thought that children from their previous marriages would interfere with their new marriage in any way. Susan's son was… read more

Marriage Enrichment in Your Church

by Steve and Judith Hill
In solicited comments from the “people-on-the-street” asking which relationship in their lives they would most like to improve, almost 87% of those questioned said… read more

Putting Away the Face of Perfection

by Anne Rex
I have been married for 26 years and 22 of them have been the happiest years of my life. For those of you who have been married for any length of time, I suspect these words ring … read more

You Get the Silver, I Get the Church

by Mary Jane Pierce Norton
One of thepainful rituals at the time of a divorce is dividing up the mutual possessions. In a similar way, many other items of the couple's life together are divided. One part of … read more

At Death's Door: Threshholds of Change

by Joretta L. Marshall
A mother decides when to remove life support from a 25-year-old son who withdrew from the family to live a life of chaos and addiction. A 45-year-old daughter sees in the uncle… read more

The Empty Crib: Mourning A Miscarriage

by William B. Brunson
Picture these family snapshots. Parents hugging the son who has just helped his junior high team win their game; a high school couple just leaving home for the prom; a petite … read more
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