Navigating the Connection: A Young Pastor's Perspective

by Sara B. Thomas
Being invited to lead was not a new adventure. I had served as the leader of sports teams, organizations, and projects. Excited by the opportunity to serve in full-time ministry… read more

Welcoming Time Share Christians

by Gil Rendle
With uncommon clarity, the Episcopal rector listened to the complaints from the leaders of the children's Christian education program. They were frustrated with curriculum that… read more

Preaching to Contemporary Culture

by Mark Beeson
Every morning we wake up, it's 2008. We can wish it was 1952. We may long for the good old days. But like it or not, God has ordained that our preaching will be leveraged against… read more

Engaging Laity as Theological Decision Makers

by Ann A. Michel
Clergy sometimes complain that church members approach congregational issues with the same mindset they bring to their corporate or workplace decisions. How, they ask, can lay… read more

It Matters How a Congregation Thinks

by Tim Shapiro
Members of the worship committee are arguing. Madeline, a member since 1965 says “Look, it makes no sense to do away with the confession of sin.” Howie, who owns the … read more

Thinking Like Disciples

by William Obalil
Peter Drucker says there are just two questions: What's our business? and How's our business? Our business is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. To know how we're doing, we need… read more
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