Ambition in Ministry

by Robert Schnase
At a pastor’s retirement party, someone shared the observation that there was always “more church” when the pastor turned in his keys at the end of his tenure… read more

Retirement Repositioning

by Brian K. Bauknight
Throughout my adult life and ministry, I have been a hopeful and mostly positive person. In fact, “encouragement” shows up as one of my spiritual gifts for leadership… read more

In Babylon: Holy Living Amidst Empire

by Walter Brueggemann
Our capacity to let the Bible be contemporary among us depends on spotting imaginative analogies between our time and ancient time. One such analogue is the notion that Christians … read more

Developing Lay Leaders

by Dan Entwistle
A few years back a pastor approached me with a complaint about his ministry. He was facing a significant challenge of finding leaders. “My church just doesn't do a good job… read more

Navigating the Connection: A Young Pastor's Perspective

by Sara B. Thomas
Being invited to lead was not a new adventure. I had served as the leader of sports teams, organizations, and projects. Excited by the opportunity to serve in full-time ministry… read more

Welcoming Time Share Christians

by Gil Rendle
With uncommon clarity, the Episcopal rector listened to the complaints from the leaders of the children's Christian education program. They were frustrated with curriculum that… read more
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