Teaching When You're the Expert

by Robert A. Ratcliff
One of my professors in seminary provided the best definition I’ve ever heard of an “expert”: a fool fifty miles from home. Regardless of how far you are from… read more

Can Pastors Swear?

by Buzz Stevens
I recently watched a few segments of the TV reality show, “Kitchen Nightmares.” Chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay travels the world jump-starting struggling high-class … read more

Tales of a Male 'Preacher's Wife'

by Christian Piatt
I’ve heard enough “preacher’s wife” jokes to last me a lifetime. No, I don’t cook a mean casserole. No, I don’t know how to knit. And no, I… read more

Leading without Playing God

by Eric Van Meter
My friend John called to tell me he was quitting church. He cited the usual litany of frustrations—needless conflict, boring worship, lack of deep relationships. Then he… read more

The "Typical Pastor's Wife" is Dead

by Lori Wilhite
The “typical Pastor’s Wife” is dead. You know, that woman who had it all together, never seemed to struggle, played the piano, attended every event, and met… read more

Lori Wilhite: Support for Pastor's Wives

by Lori Wilhite
This is the second of Ministry Matters' new video series featuring well-known pastors and ministry leaders across America. Check back next week to see featured video of Adam … read more
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