10 Ways to Keep Love Burning

by Stephen Handy
Whether it was several months or decades ago, do you remember those wedding vows? You stood humbly before Almighty God and gazed lovingly into the eyes of your spouse and… read more

Leadership for Introverts

by Olu Brown
As a kid I was pretty normal. I played sports with my friends, enjoying all of the exciting kids’ stuff young people do. As I stumbled through adolescence and into my… read more

The Perfect Game

by Josh Tinley
Professional bowling, which ESPN and ABC air during hours when much of the American public is watching the NFL on CBS and FOX, doesn’t get much play in the national sports… read more

A Pastor's Sabbath

by Judith Jenkins Kohatsu
How is it with your soul? My anxiety level begins to rise when I encounter questions like that one. Here it comes: another clergy self-care tirade. Or worse, it is one of the… read more

First Sundays: The Life of PKs

by Jennifer Rodriguez
By 9 a.m., we are in the car and headed toward our new church. Last week, we toured the facility but this time the eyes of the congregation will focus on us, watching our every… read more

Connecting with Clergy Colleagues

by Buzz Stevens
After serving six years as a campus minister I realized that assignments beyond-the-local-church can cause one to feel like a second-class colleague at times. Maybe it was just… read more
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