Teaching with the Rabbis

by Wes Kelley
Pastors face the weekly challenge of teaching familiar texts in fresh ways, along with interpreting the Scriptures to people diverse in their theological perspectives. To meet… read more

The Secret to a Successful Career in Creative Ministry

by Len Wilson
I have a book called Breaking In. It tells the stories of how 20 film directors got their start. Many of the featured filmmakers are A-listers. It is fascinating to read how they… read more

The Holy Machine

by Matthew L. Kelley
Today I came across a really interesting passage in The Other Side of the Mountain: The End of the Journey, which is the last volume in Thomas Merton's journals before his… read more

Dear Pastors, Tell Us the Truth

by Rachel Held Evans
This post was inspired by a few things:   First, the brilliantly titled Epic Fail Pastors Conference, born from the question “What if we offered a space that is… read more

10 Ways to Keep Love Burning

by Stephen Handy
Whether it was several months or decades ago, do you remember those wedding vows? You stood humbly before Almighty God and gazed lovingly into the eyes of your spouse and… read more

Leadership for Introverts

by Olu Brown
As a kid I was pretty normal. I played sports with my friends, enjoying all of the exciting kids’ stuff young people do. As I stumbled through adolescence and into my… read more
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