When the Healer Is Wounded Who Will Bring the Bandages and Wine?

by Thomas R. Steagald
In the late summer of 1995, Tom Steagald experienced a profound crisis of faith and ministry. A  nine-month voluntary leave of absence allowed him to relocate and begin… read more

Called to Both Ministry & Motherhood

by Jennifer Irvine Goto
I'm new at this. My son, Dakota, is just a year old and my Certificate for Probationary Membership was recently hung on my office wall. My son is still of the age that I'm… read more

Being Yourself… and More!

by Glifton E Guthrie
I asked a small group of lay preachers in a workshop, “What is your biggest concern about preaching?” One of them said with a chuckle, “How can I preach in my… read more

Off-Balance, Searching for Sacred Rhythm

by Judith E. Smith
A number of years ago I found myself teetering precariously on the edge of burnout. I was working too many hours, paying too little attention to my family and my own health… read more

Lead an Interesting Private Life: (When Your Public Life Is Ministry)

by Mary Honstead
A wise psychologist once told me that, in her experience as chair of the ethics committee for the board of psychology, the best way to stay out of ethical trouble was to lead an… read more

Pastor and Parent: Bringing Back the Parsonage Family

by Sarah J. Rohret
For the past three decades, the United Methodist Church has primarily had clergy whose children are grown and gone from the home. These empty nesters have related well to… read more
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