It's Who You Are, Not What You Do

by Dyton L. Owen
Every time you turn around, there is a new book or another seminar about leadership. Many of these books and seminars are very good and offer much wisdom and guidance. At other… read more

Pastor as Theologian: Nurturing Our Minds

by Anne E. Streaty Wimberly, Ph.D.
Pastoral ministry is a deeply theological endeavor through which pastors help persons link their everyday stories with the Story of God. As part of this central ministry function, … read more

Pastors Develop their Leadership through Spiritual Growth, Research Finds: RESEARCH

by Circuit Rider
A recent survey reveals United Methodist clergy focus most of their leadership development efforts on their own personal spirituality. Asked how much time they spend each week on… read more

A Parsonage Family Christmas

by Kathryn Edwards
Christmas is the time of the year when Christians celebrate God's greatest gift to humankind. Ironically, it is also an extremely stressful time for pastors and their families… read more

Preaching out of Pain

by J. Howard Olds
Renowned author Henri Nouwen used the book In Memoriam to tell the story of his mother's death and his consuming grief. Somebody asked Nouwen, “Why do you do this? Why are… read more
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