Balancing the Budget

by J. Clif Christopher
When I started out in ministry nearly 35 years ago I wandered into my first church board meeting with wide eyes and my mouth firmly shut. I did not know much about running a… read more

As the Lord Has Blessed You

by Herbert Lester
"Give as the Lord has blessed you” is the gist of what I usually say in good times, bad times and all the in-between times. My lay leaders and staff often ask me to say… read more

Four Great Texts for Preaching About Money

by David R. Thomas
Psalm 116:1-14; Malachi 1; Matthew 25:14-30; Hebrews 11:4 Dwight L. Moody once said that standing just beside the ministry martyrs in heaven will be the ministry fundraisers. And … read more

Living in the House of Love

by Patricia Farris
Pastors, stewardship chairpersons and other congregational leaders are in constant search of new techniques and approaches to enliven the annual stewardship campaign. There is… read more

10 Suggestions for Effective Stewardship Preaching

by Brian K. Bauknight
I enjoy preaching about money. My goal in preaching about stewardship is to never be confrontational, but always invitational. I try to help all believers (including myself) to… read more

Talking about Money in a Small Membership Church

by Amy Mayo-Moyle
My ministry began as an associate pastor of a large urban congregation. The church budget was a million dollars, with endowments that were many times as large. After two years, I… read more
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