In times of stress, turning to contemplation can be helpful – here’s why religions emphasize rest

by Kristen Lucken
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Navigating the future for Christian institutions

by L. Gregory Jones, Andrew P. Hogue
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Fresh Expressions in a Digital Age

by Michael Adam Beck, Rosario Picardo
Fresh Expressions is a canary in the coal mine, alerting congregations to reevaluate what the Church is, where and when it can happen, and who can lead it. Church as we know it is … read more

I'm Black. I'm Christian. I'm Methodist.

by Erin Beasley, F. Willis Johnson, Jevon Caldwell-Gross, Justin Coleman, Lillian C. Smith, Pamela R. Lightsey, Rodney Lorenzo Graves, Rudy Rasmus, Rudy Rasmus, Tori C. Butler, Vance P. Ross
Ten personal narratives reveal the shared and distinct struggles of being Black in the Church, facing historic and modern racism. It’s uncertain that Howard Thurman made the… read more

Exclusion and Embrace, Revised and Updated

by Miroslav Volf
Life in the twenty-first century presents a disturbing reality. Otherness, the simple fact of being different in some way, has come to be defined as in and of itself evil… read more

Holy Love

by Steve Harper
Do conservatives or progressives “own” the teachings about what the Bible says about human sexuality and marriage? For some—perhaps a vocal minority—the question is no… read more
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