by Karoline M. Lewis
Ministry leaders and other Christians find a deeply personal pathway to discern what discipleship means for them in Belonging by Karoline Lewis.What does it look like for you to… read more

The Concise Guide for Congregational Care

by Melissa Collier Gepford
THE RIGHT WORDS FOR EVERY SITUATION, AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.Pastors and congregational care ministers of all kinds must offer the right words and presence in any place, at a… read more

Deep Calls to Deep

by Dr William P. Brown
The Psalms can help us during a time of disruption and division.Deep Calls to Deep demonstrates a new and generative way of reading the Bible, which looks for differences among… read more

Body Connections

by Michael S. Koppel
A new articulation of pastoral theology, care, and counseling.Too often we think and teach in ways that reinforce a mind-body split. This can lead people to self-alienation… read more

The Caring Congregation Ministry Implementation Guide

by Karen Lampe, Melissa Collier Gepford
Pastors and church leaders genuinely want to care for people in their congregations and communities. But pastors cannot care for an entire church, and most laypersons don't have… read more

The Caring Congregation Ministry Care Minister's Manual

by Karen Lampe, Melissa Collier Gepford
The Care Minister's Manual is the personal training workbook and reference guide for Congregational Care Ministers (CCM's), who serve a central role in the Caring Congregation… read more
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