Words That Heal

by Joni Sancken
Soul wounds are pervasive in our world, with a range of origins and characteristics. The field of trauma theory provides tools to unpack the dynamics associate with these… read more

Practicing the Preaching Life

by David B. Ward
Preaching is a way of life that can be beautiful and good; however, it can also be anxious, self-focused, and destructive. Preachers and teachers of preaching need a holistic view … read more

Say Something!

by Charley Reeb
People looking for a church home value good preaching most of all - as shown by a recent Pew Research study. While tasty coffee, edgy technology, and flashy worship services… read more


by Lisa L. Thompson
Ingenuity introduces a theology and practice of preaching that emerges from the faith and wisdom of black women. Preaching has been resourced and taught from a narrow field of… read more

The End of Preaching

by Thomas H. Troeger
The End of Preaching is equal parts instruction and inspiration, offering practical help for every preacher and seminarian, and providing a new way of thinking about the purpose… read more

Preaching with Empathy

by Lenny Luchetti
Preachers can find help from many resources to get the text right, the structure right, and the delivery right. Preaching with Empathy aims to help preachers and homiletics… read more
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