Introduction: Planning Virtual Worship

by Ministry Matters
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Will You Pray with Me

by Anne Williams, Steven Langhofer
Learn to capably lead others in prayer, in any setting, on any occasion.Leading congregations and other groups in prayer is a significant challenge for many pastors and other… read more

Fresh Expressions in a Digital Age

by Michael Adam Beck, Rosario Picardo
Fresh Expressions is a canary in the coal mine, alerting congregations to reevaluate what the Church is, where and when it can happen, and who can lead it. Church as we know it is … read more

A Worship Workbook

by Gerald C. Liu, Khalia J. Williams
Pastors and others who lead Christian worship want to offer worship that is truthful and hopeful. They yearn to create worship that involves and includes everyone in their midst… read more

The Purpose, Pattern, and Character of Worship

by L. Edward Phillips
Within the broad range of Christianity we find diverse understandings of what makes for “good worship.” The Purpose, Pattern, and Character of Worship develops a typology of… read more

Better Sundays Begin on Monday

by David W. Manner
Reviewing game film is a discipline that sports teams often incorporate after each game. Teams watch game videos to identify mistakes, make adjustments, consider radical changes… read more
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