Sermon Options: April 15, 2018

By Ministry Matters
What Makes the Difference? Acts 3:12-19 On the heels of Peter’s healing of a man lame from birth is one of several sermons Peter preaches in the early part of Acts. There is … read more

I had to see It to believe it

By Tracy Hartman
Luke 24:36b-48 Could it really be true, we wondered? All day we had been hearing reports that Jesus was alive—but we were afraid to let ourselves believe it. After all, we… read more

When what feels like punishment is actually preparation

By Talbot Davis
I wish that my foresight was as accurate as my hindsight. I bet you’re the same way. We have seasons in life that, as we head in to them, feel like seasons of punishment… read more

Looking for rescue

By Jake Owensby
“She’s a rescue dog.” That’s what I’ve learned to say when people ask me what kind of dog Gracie is. It’s a little embarrassing to admit that… read more

Actions speak

By Rose Taylor
The “March For Our Lives” rallies scheduled for March 24, 2018, are part of the #NeverAgain movement. The movement was launched by survivors of the shooting at Marjory … read more

Sermon Options: April 8, 2018

By Ministry Matters
The Pristine Church Acts 4:32-35 The text from Acts depicts a church that is almost too good to be true. It describes a group of people of “one heart and soul” (v… read more

A plea for unity

By Jimmy McNeil
Acts 4:32-35; Psalm 133:1 I spoke with someone not long ago about our ever changing world and the challenge that is set before us as believers to keep up with the times. It often… read more

Weekly Preaching: March 11, 2018

By James C. Howell
What texts this week! Numbers 21:4-9 introduces us to one of the most bizarre religious beliefs in ancient Israel and then simultaneously provides one of the more surprising… read more

Changing my mind about God

By Jake Owensby
A gestalt shift is a visual switch of perspective. While looking at an unchanging image, we see first one thing and then another. For instance, in the picture below you can see a… read more

The Devil and Dr. Graham

By James A. Harnish
This isn’t about Billy Graham, whose consistency of character and integrity of life are worthy of the honor he is receiving. It’s about Franklin, who inherited his… read more

Don't get numb

By Samantha Tidball
On Ash Wednesday, 17 people were killed and 14 were injured in a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The Parkland shooting, which lasted only… read more

Sermon Options: Easter 2018

By Ministry Matters
Easter is Here! Isaiah 25:6-9 From the earliest times men and women have looked beyond their present sorrows to a hoped-for future. Death and despair just did not seem right as… read more
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