Divine design

June 17th, 2020

In 2018, “the National University of Singapore and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences discovered dozens of new sea creatures in a remote and unexplored area of the Indian ocean.” Mysterious Universe says, “We tend to think the days of discovery here on earth are over. We’ve mapped the continents and put heroic explorers out of business. The frontier is closed. We tend to think that, but it’s not necessarily true. Most of our planet Earth is ocean and the ocean is deep and strange and largely unexplored.” The researchers “hoped to find something, but the team was not prepared for the treasure trove of undiscovered species awaiting them. It’s a discovery that further deepens the mystery of deep-sea life.” [1]

God designed all of creation to contribute to creation itself. We are connected to, dependent upon, and suppliers to creation simply because God created all things to exist that way. Our interdependence and interrelatedness are by divine design.

Human arrogance leads us to believe that we know all there is to know about our world, but God’s creation is far bigger than our world. Humankind does not even know all of the creatures and inner workings of our planet, much less the whole universe. As explorers continue to find new stars out there and new creatures here on earth, God reminds us of our dependency upon God and creation as well as our God-given duty to be good stewards of all of creation (Genesis 1:28). We are interdependent and interrelated with all of creation, including the parts and pieces we do not know about.

  • How does the idea of your interdependence and interrelatedness to all of creation make you feel?
  • What are your thoughts about your interdependence and interrelatedness being of divine design?
  • What is our responsibility as one of God’s creature to and with the fullness of God’s creation?

[1] From “Dozens of Bizarre New Deep Sea Creatures Discovered in Indonesia,” by Sequoyah Kennedy at Mysterious Universe

This post was also published at Christian Living in the Mature Years and originally appeared as a Current Events Supplement on AdultBibleStudies.com.

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