Healing the divide

December 2nd, 2020

“Now this campaign is over, what is the will of the people?” 

This was the question posed by President-elect Joe Biden to the American people after confirmation as the projected winner of the 2020 presidential race. Biden spoke of the importance of unifying America while acknowledging the fact that the United States is deeply divided on almost every conceivable political and social issue. 

Collective brokenness

As Christians, the universal church continues to split over debates regarding certain theological and scriptural interpretations. And even in our own personal relationships, we daily witness anger and resentment spewed between Christian friends and family on social media. Ultimately that collective brokenness trickles down to our very hearts as we struggle to love people who seem to define truth from a perspective different from our own.  

Divisions among the Christian body date back 2,000 years, to the very beginning of the church. Living much of his life as a zealous Pharisee, the apostle Paul was acutely aware of the dangers, division and hard-heartedness posed among believers. For this reason, Paul spent much of his time and energy imploring Christians of all cultures and backgrounds to work toward unity of mind and judgment. 

A lifelong journey

Biden closed his speech with wisdom shared with him by his grandparents. While his grandfather always reminded him to “keep the faith,” his grandmother was quick to encourage him to “spread the faith.” As Christians, we find personal healing in keeping our faith and fulfilling our purpose in Jesus. He calls us to spread the faith by sharing the healing power of that good news to the world! Yet, healing is always a painful process. It takes energy, patience and time. It requires us to first admit our individual shortcomings to God and others. It also compels us to forgive and gently guide others to God’s love and purposes. It is the lifelong journey to which Jesus calls us, yet it is our mission — to be reconcilers of the world.

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