Wealth and faith

August 28th, 2018

This August Forbes magazine announced that Kylie Jenner is set to be the youngest-ever, self-made billionaire at age 21. Jenner is known for her reality-star fame and family ties with the Kardashians. She used her fame and social-media presence to launch Kylie Cosmetics. Forbes magazine has received a great deal of criticism for using the term self-made to describe Jenner since she was born into a life of fame and wealth. She consistently posts selfies on all her social media accounts featuring her own cosmetic products to increase her sales and followers.

More is never enough

It’s not a sin to have or want money, but God does care about our attitude toward money. Money can easily become an idol if it is the main focus of our lives instead of God. Coveting wealth is unhealthy for our souls. Oftentimes the more wealth we acquire the more we desire. Acquiring wealth becomes an addiction if we attempt to fill an empty void in our lives that only God can fill.

God cares how we handle our money

The Bible mentions money more than any other single topic, which indicates how important it is for Christians to practice financial stewardship. In the New Testament, we never see Jesus aspiring for wealth or fame. We often forget that he was essentially homeless (Matthew 8:20). In biblical times, people believed wealth, health and status were signs of God’s favor. However, Jesus flipped their worldview upside down by preaching, “Happy are you who are poor, because God’s kingdom is yours” (Luke 6:20).

The way we view and handle our money matters deeply to God. We are called as Christians to put our hope in Jesus, not in wealth and material possessions. Jesus invites us to practice an attitude of holiness by being content and generous with what we possess. Generosity overflows from a heart of gratitude. When we practice gratitude, we discover joy, peace and contentment that fulfills us in ways we could never imagine.

Question of the day: What was the last item you bought, and did it bring you joy?
Focal scriptures: Matthew 6:19-24; 1 Timothy 6:6-17; Mark 12:38-44

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