My sheep hear my voice

May 7th, 2019

“Muppy, Fritzy, Sandy…who were they? They were the three schnauzers who belonged to my bishop when I first moved to Richmond,” Michael Renninger says. “And may I tell you a secret? They were the most hateful dogs to ever walk on God’s green earth.” Renninger played a trick on the dogs, imitating the bishop’s voice so closely the dogs were confused and came running, but it wasn’t long before they discerned the difference between their true master and the “terrible young priest” who was trying to confuse them.

In today’s passage from John 10:22-30, Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we are his sheep. But how will we know how to follow? Just as the schnauzers figured it out, we listen. But how do we discern the difference between the imitators and Jesus’ voice? Listen as Renninger helps us figure out how to hear, and recognize the Good Shepherd’s voice.

This sermon is from A Sermon for Every Sunday, a series of lectionary-based video sermons designed for use in worship, Bible study, small groups, Sunday school classes or for individual use.

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