The Bible Made Impossible

by Christian Smith
Video Source: Brazos Press/Baker Publishing Group read more

Comic Bible Brings God's Word to Life

by Ministry Matters
Sergio Cariello has illustrated some of the best-known comic book characters, from Batman and Spiderman to Superman and Wonderwoman. With The Action Bible, he brings to life the… read more

4 Principles from Esther

by Ron Edmondson
I love the story of Esther. If you haven’t read it lately, you can do so here. Here are four principles I’ve observed from the story of Esther. 1. God has a special… read more

Meeting the "Mormon Moment"

by Mike Poteet
Although several primaries remain, Mitt Romney continues to be a front-runner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination and the most viable Mormon presidential… read more

Examining John Piper's "Masculine" Christianity

by Christian Piatt
I really want to give John Piper the benefit of the doubt. Given that he’s a minister in the Baptist tradition, it doesn’t surprise me when he only refers to God as… read more

Ready for a Miracle

by Melissa Slocum
The movie Big Miracle, which opened last weekend, tells the story of the effort to rescue three gray whales trapped in polar ice off the coast of a small Inuit village in Alaska… read more
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