How to Read the Bible

by David Dorn
One of the biggest reasons people don't read their Bible is because they don't how to go about doing it. So we wanted to take an episode and address how to read the Bible in a… read more

Live on Common Ground

by Common English Bible
Live on Common Ground from Common English Bible on Vimeo. read more

What Is Discipleship?

by David Dorn
What does it mean to follow Christ, to be a disciple of Jesus? Jesus said to take up your cross and follow me, which is what we consider the basis of discipleship, but what does… read more

Bare Bones Eucharist

by Matt and Jessica Kelley
What is really essential for a communion liturgy? How much of the story do you need to tell before serving the loaf and cup? Forgive my (Jessica's) gaffe in implying that… read more

God's Love in 4D

by Morgan Guyton
Ephesians 3:14-21 talks about the “height, length, width, and depth of God’s love.” I have no idea what Paul actually had in mind with these terms (neither do… read more

Biblical Marriage: A Look at Love, Respect, and Submission

by Jessica Miller Kelley
When I heard that Rachel Held Evans was calling her husband "master" for a week during her “Year of Biblical Womanhood,” my first thought (forgive my gutter-mind) was… read more
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