Reviews: Two Books on God's Will

by Jack A. Keller, Jr.
Millions of us have been transfixed by the news media coverage coming from Japan following the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck northeastern Japan on March… read more

It's All Theology Anyway

by M. Kathryn Armistead
The conventional wisdom is that lay people are not interested in theology. Perhaps they don't think in those terms, but many of their issues are just that--theological. And if… read more

Review: Digital Disciple

by Patricia Farris
Episcopal priest, writer, and blogger Rev. Adam Thomas has written a wonderful and evocative reflection on the Christian life in Digital Disciple: Real Christianity in a Virtual… read more

Did Anne Frank Go to Hell?

by Rachel Held Evans
This was the question that first drew my attention to a little crack in the Christian worldview wall, back when I was just twelve or thirteen years old.  That crack would… read more

Linkin Park and Bible Translation

by Shane Raynor
A couple of months ago, Linkin Park was the musical guest on NBC's Saturday Night Live. This California rock band achieved widespread popularity about ten years ago with its album … read more

Loving God with My Mind

by Rachel Held Evans
Back in January, Al Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote an excellent blog post about intellectual discipleship and the importance of loving God … read more
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