Rescuing Pentecost

by Eric Van Meter
Pentecost is in trouble. And that means trouble for the Church. It’s not that Pentecost is in danger of commercialization, like Christmas or even Easter. The Spirit is too… read more

Why Can't You Just Have More Faith?

by Rachel Held Evans
It’s a question often posed to me by well-meaning friends and acquaintances when they learn that occasionally I wake up in the morning unsure if there is a God: Why can't… read more

Does God Hate Joplin?

by Ministry Matters
Does God hate Joplin? Maybe the whole of Missouri, or the USA, or perhaps the whole world?  There have been earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, volcanoes erupting in Iceland… read more

Helping Youth Understand the Bible

by Tim Gossett
To youths, the Bible is like no other book, and not only because of its content. Just about everything about the Bible is different — the two-column layout, the crinkly… read more

What Is Adult Faith?

by Jay Cooper
When it comes to faith, many of us are still sitting in Sunday School coloring pictures of animals entering the ark two-by-two. So what does an adult, mature faith look like? To… read more

The Challenge of Irrelevance

by Martin Thielen
This is the sixth in Ministry Matters' new video series featuring pastors and ministry leaders across America. Check back next week to see featured video of Greg Surratt, lead… read more
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