Don't Just Read It

by Adam Thomas
If you take the vast sweep of Christian history into account, far fewer people have read the Bible than have heard it read. When the New Testament was still just a collection of… read more

Truth, Facts, and the Rapture

by Ministry Matters
The fact that the Rapture did not occur on Saturday is not that surprising to most of us—far more of us than the devoted few who were taken aback by the fact that it did not … read more

Half the Church

by Carolyn Custis James
A Q&A with Carolyn Custis James about women in the Bible, leadership, marriage, and her new book, Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women. As the… read more

Judgment Day: Not Crazy, Not Funny

by Matthew Paul Turner
By now, you’ve no doubt heard that the “Judgment Day” is coming on May 21. According to the calculations of the folks at Family Radio, this coming Saturday… read more

Who is God?

by Katie Z. Dawson
I realized recently how theologically illiterate my congregation is. That may seem like a slam, or a critique, but it is a simple reality. And it is a reality that is not their… read more

The End of the World?

by Adam Hamilton
NBC Action News of Kansas City interviewed Pastor Adam Hamilton about the second coming of Christ, the end of the world, and Harold Camping's current prediction of May 21, 2011. … read more
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