Don’t Teach What You’ll Have to Unteach

by Suzann Wade
When it comes to teaching the Bible, you might think it would be easy for us as teachers, preachers, and writers simply to stick to the script. However, we are human. We sometimes … read more

Is This a Bible-Believing Church?

by Martin Thielen
A man recently asked me, “Is your church a Bible-believing church?” My first response was, “Yes, we are a Bible-believing church.” For example, I told him… read more

God the Lapdog

by Jay Cooper
“God made humans in his image and humans returned the favor.”Does anyone else find it strange that all conservatives believe God is conservative and all liberals think … read more

Keeping the Peace when Scriptures Conflict

by Paul Stroble
Christians interpret Scripture as our normative guide to our convictions and practices, but at the same time, one can find biblical support for most any position one wishes to… read more

Exegesis Behind Bars

by Ryan Snider
At the local Youth Development Center (YDC), a sixteen-year-old’s words echo off of the bare concrete walls: “When I try to live how I want to live, I fall down… read more

From King's English to Common English

by Paul Franklyn
In 2011 we observe the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. The story of how and why King James authorized this version is beautifully told by Adam Nicolson in God's… read more
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