The Jesus Question

by Matt and Jessica Kelley
Matt and Jessica Kelley discuss Part IV of Brian McLaren's book, A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions that Are Transforming the Faith. read more

Bracket Grace

by Josh Tinley
You probably don’t remember the television show Second Chance. It was a sitcom on Fox starring Matthew Perry that ran for two months in 1987—back when there were major … read more

Sermon Starter: The Temptation of Eve and of Jesus

by Matthew L. Kelley
The easiest way to get someone to do something is to tell them they can’t do it. This has literally been the case from the beginning. Adam and Eve had a great thing going… read more

Biblical Considerations for Inclusivism

by Rachel Held Evans
Now I’m not a biblical scholar, but these passages of Scripture have informed my view of the “un-evangelized” and given me much hope regarding God’s love… read more

The Bible as a Book of Questions

by Rachel Held Evans
The Bible is meant to be a conversation-starter, not a conversation-ender.  One reason I think the Bible is such a powerful conversation-starter is that it asks the… read more

Refreshing the Lord's Prayer

by Jessica Miller Kelley
How does your congregation use the Lord’s Prayer? Some churches recite it weekly, as an affirmation of “the way Christ taught us to pray.” Others view it as a… read more
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