Confronting Evil in Ourselves

by Mark Ralls
"Osama bin Laden is evil." "Saddam Hussein is evil.” The post 9/11 era has been a time when the once forgotten theological categories of good and evil are making a stunning… read more

Confronting Evil

by Robert A. Ratcliff
It was one of those quintessential parental moments. My son, who was thirteen at the time, and I were seeing "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," the first movie… read more

Overcoming the Double Exclusion: Challenges of Repentance arid Forgiveness

by Miroslav Volf
Genuine repentance may be one of the most difficult acts for a person, let alone a community, to perform. For good reasons, Christian tradition thinks of genuine repentance not as … read more

The Lost Language of Sin and Evil

by Thomas Gildemeister
I knew we were in trouble when, shortly after 9/11, a well-known TV commentator suggested that we refrain from calling these attacks “evil.” He continued to say that… read more

The Divine Speeches: Evil and Suffering in Job

by Carol A. Newsom
Job's dialogue with God (Job 38:1-42:6) stands as one of Scripture's most vivid depictions of the struggle to understand and respond to suffering and evil. In this excerpt from… read more

Commentary for Pentecost, Acts 2:1-21

by Joel B. Green
As Luke makes clear in this text, essential to the work of faithful interpretation is a people formed by the Scriptures, Israel's own story, and minds inspired by the Holy Spirit. … read more
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