The Lost Language of Sin and Evil

by Thomas Gildemeister
I knew we were in trouble when, shortly after 9/11, a well-known TV commentator suggested that we refrain from calling these attacks “evil.” He continued to say that… read more

The Divine Speeches: Evil and Suffering in Job

by Carol A. Newsom
Job's dialogue with God (Job 38:1-42:6) stands as one of Scripture's most vivid depictions of the struggle to understand and respond to suffering and evil. In this excerpt from… read more

Commentary for Pentecost, Acts 2:1-21

by Joel B. Green
As Luke makes clear in this text, essential to the work of faithful interpretation is a people formed by the Scriptures, Israel's own story, and minds inspired by the Holy Spirit. … read more

Is All This Talk About Jesus Really Necessary?

by Sally A. Brown
Some questions come at you right between the eyes at the church door after the service. You've heard them: “Okay, pastor, where did you come up with that word in the… read more

What Are They Asking?

by Thomas G. Long
In the heat of the summer of 1922, a thirty-six-year-old part-time professor of theology by the name of Karl Barth delivered one of the most remarkable speeches about preaching… read more

Answering Children's Questions about Science and Faith

by Barbara Pursey
Children and youth in our churches ask searching questions, as they try to relate what they hear in Sunday School and worship with what they encounter in school and society… read more
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