The Suffering Servant (Why Jesus?, week 3)

by Mike Slaughter
I got up early this morning. It was around four o’clock. I went to my study and had my time of prayer and meditation. One of the things I turned to on my computer was the… read more

The Company You Keep (Why Jesus?, week 2)

by Kevin Applegate
This week we’ll take a closer look at a man who chose to be with the very people we typically write off – shaky business partners and women of the night, the… read more

Who is this Man? (Why Jesus?, week 1)

by Mike Slaughter
Calling ourselves Christians doesn’t mean we know the Christ we claim to follow. It is easy to contrive our own version of Christianity when getting to know the real Jesus… read more

Dull Minds, Slow Hearts

by Shane Raynor
The Emmaus road encounter in Luke 24 should be reassuring for us. For starters, the account involves two disciples from a different tier than the main eleven. (Remember, Judas is… read more

Sermon Starter: Thomas the Avatar

by Susan Brown
In the virtual world of online gaming, players can fully participate in alternate realities and existences.  Through the “magic” of the web, people can put… read more

A Brief History of the Lectionary

by Gail O'Day
Every good preacher knows intuitively that preaching has far more to do with helping the congregation make sense out of reality than it does with making rational arguments. This… read more
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