Sermon Starter: The Harvest

by Thad H. Carter
Genesis 25:19-34; Psalm 119:105-112 or Psalm 25; Romans 8:1-11; Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 Growing up in Louisiana, our small community was surrounded by rice farms.  We often… read more

Something Real

by Martin Thielen
Several years ago Hollywood produced a movie about the life of Johnny Cash called Walk the Line. The film includes a powerful scene every preacher should see. In this scene… read more

Being Famous Enough

by David N. Mosser
Not long ago one of my colleagues telephoned with a question. She called because she knows that I know more preachers than most people (Do "not pick out the good from the bad"… read more

These Things Last

by Adam Thomas
A Sermon on Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29 and Matthew 21:1-11 You may or may not have noticed that we skipped sixteen verses of today’s psalm. We read verses one and two, and then… read more

The Sheepfold

by Adam Thomas
(Or, why I stopped playing World of Warcraft) A Sermon on John 10:1-10 Having the flu changed my life. The day was Thursday, March 13th, 2008, and I was sitting on my futon with … read more

Something worth celebrating

by Mike Childress
A Sermon on Luke 15:1-10 I recall growing up and hearing my parents talk about a fellow my dad worked with. The man worked hard. He was always at the job on time, rarely took… read more
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