Preaching God's Transforming Justice

by Dale P. Andrews, Dawn Ottini-Wilhelm, Ronald J. Allen
This unique commentary is the first to help the preacher identify and reflect theologically and ethically on the social implications of the biblical readings in the Revised Common … read more

Extraordinary Ordinary Time

by Dow Chamberlain
When I first learned that the Sundays after Epiphany as well as what we called the seasons of Pentecost and Kingdomtide were to be rolled into “ordinary time,” I was … read more

Teaching as We Celebrate the Christian Year

by Delia Halverson
Celebrating the various seasons brings new meaning to our worship and removes the distance between the past and the present. That alone would be reason enough for following the… read more

Jesus Challenges the Political System

by Matthew L. Kelley
A Sermon on Mark 12:13-17, part of a Lenten series entitled "Why They Killed Jesus." “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. And give unto God what is God’s.” … read more

5 Reasons to Consider Using the Lectionary

by Shane Raynor
The lectionary has gotten a bum rap. First of all, lectionary is one of the worst-sounding words on the planet. It’s as if someone took two of the most boring things… read more

Sermon Starter: What is Best

by Thad H. Carter
Genesis 29:15-28; Psalm 105:1-11; Romans 8:26-39; Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 Prayer is more than offering a list to God.  It is praying for the will of God in our lives and… read more
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