The 90 Day Tithing Challenge

by J. Clif Christopher
There is not a single major denomination that does not encourage tithing of its membership. Strongstatements are in place from Catholics to Pentecostals. Yet, we see that far less … read more

X Marks the Church: How Gen X Leaders Are Shaping the Church

by Andrew C. Thompson
Can you believe it? The oldest Baby Boomers turn sixty-five this year, and the oldest members of Generation X are turning fifty. Born from approximately 1961 to 1981, Gen… read more

10 Ways to Be Creative (#9)

by Shawn Wood
#9 – Don’t overlook the importance of a project manager. 2.  A project manager. Many creative things in this world would never happen if there were not project … read more

10 Ways to Be Creative (#8)

by Shawn Wood
#8 – Let the performers perform. The final three posts in this series elaborate on the three main roles in creative teams. 1.   A performer. This is the person… read more

Is it Okay to Text with Youth?

by Adam Thomas
There are two things to realize in the area of Internet relationships between ministers and youth. First, the Internet is a public place that doesn't feel public because… read more

10 Ways to Be Creative (#7)

by Shawn Wood
We have so far covered six ways to be creative that primarily deal with supporting and serving your senior leader.  If you have stuck with me this long, you deserve the… read more
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