Leadership in a Time of Change

by Jackson W. Carroll
Are You Resilient? Are You Agile? Are You Staying Connected? In research underway at Harvard, researchers are asking what makes it possible for persons to do good work, by… read more

The Poinsettia Perspective

by Rebecca W. Dolch
Perspective is everything. Our experiences are colored by our point of view. Take the Christmas poinsettias. If you look at the poinsettias from the perspective of being in the… read more

The New Interpreter's® Handbook of Preaching - eBook

Subscription Only
by Paul Scott Wilson
The New Interpreter’s Handbook of Preaching is a major reference tool for preaching, with articles on every facet of Christian sermon preparation and delivery. This… read more

The Abingdon African American Preaching Library Volume 1 - eBook

Subscription Only
by Kirk Byron Jones
God’s people need to hear “a word from the Lord,” to know their God is with them, and to transcend this world and be taken to the very feet of Jesus. The preacher is charged … read more

Celebration & Experience in Preaching - eBook

by Henry H. Mitchell
Henry H. Mitchell’s great contribution to the study of preaching has been his insistence that the homiletical practices of the Black church are gifts to the whole church… read more

Thank God It's Friday - eBook

by William H. Willimon
Christ's seven last words from the cross have long been a source of reflection, challenge, and soul-searching. These simple statements contain the full range of human emotions and … read more
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