10 Ways to Be Creative (#8)

by Shawn Wood
#8 – Let the performers perform. The final three posts in this series elaborate on the three main roles in creative teams. 1.   A performer. This is the person… read more

Is it Okay to Text with Youth?

by Adam Thomas
There are two things to realize in the area of Internet relationships between ministers and youth. First, the Internet is a public place that doesn't feel public because… read more

10 Ways to Be Creative (#7)

by Shawn Wood
We have so far covered six ways to be creative that primarily deal with supporting and serving your senior leader.  If you have stuck with me this long, you deserve the… read more

Review: Renovate or Die

by Eric Van Meter
If the title Renovate or Die sounds urgent—and maybe even a little confrontational—that’s because the situation, according to author Bob Farr, is desperate. In … read more

Compassion Reserves

by Katie Z. Dawson
Everyone I talk to has their own take on how to best provide real financial resources to folks in need and in the past few weeks I have whittled the different approaches down to… read more

10 Ways to Be Creative (#5)

by Shawn Wood
#5 – Get the perspective of non-creativesIt's important as a creative catalyst to hang with creative people and have them rub off on and inspire you. One problem with… read more
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