Taking Differences Seriously

by Dean Francis
We minister today in a world where division and dissension is the norm. Politicians and news commentators are constantly defining different perspectives. To be the Body of Christ… read more

Shaping Welcoming Spaces

by Susan Eaton Mendenhall
"We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.” These words of Winston Churchill continue to teach by example as we enter public buildings, churches, and… read more

Wasted Space, Wasted Opportunity

by Dan R. Dick
A church that attracts a large number of people, offers a wide variety of programs, is financially sound, and provides engaging worship is generally considered to be a… read more

What Lights You Up?: Staying Alive in Ministry

by Donna Schaper
Staying alive in ministry involves knowing what we mean by “alive” and what we mean by “ministry.” There is a pollution of words and confusion of roles… read more

When the Healer Is Wounded Who Will Bring the Bandages and Wine?

by Thomas R. Steagald
In the late summer of 1995, Tom Steagald experienced a profound crisis of faith and ministry. A  nine-month voluntary leave of absence allowed him to relocate and begin… read more

It's a Girl's Job After All!

by Judith E. Smith
When I was four years old, so my mother says, and we were visiting my grandparents, I announced one Sunday afternoon that we were going to have church and I was going to preach. I … read more
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