Sermon Starter: Jesus GPS

by Susan Brown
There are few people that can argue with the fact that technology has changed the face of contemporary society.  Computers, cell phones, and other types of digital technology … read more

Sermon Starter: He Knows

by Susan Brown
I was in line at the grocery store one day.  I had just run in quickly to pick up a few items that I needed at home, but you know what happens when you try to make a quick… read more

Review: Web-Empowered Ministry

by Patricia Farris
If you’re thinking about building a church website or some form of internet ministry, or if you’re convinced that such a ministry is not anything you could take on… read more

Praying Our Stats

by Peter Surran
Last month my senior pastor, Alex Joyner, whose title reflects his position in the church, not his age, wrote about a litany I had crafted for our Council on Ministries worship… read more

Sermon Starter: The Temptation of Eve and of Jesus

by Matthew L. Kelley
The easiest way to get someone to do something is to tell them they can’t do it. This has literally been the case from the beginning. Adam and Eve had a great thing going… read more

How Worship Brought Our Church Back from the Dead

by Martin Thielen
Ten years ago the previous pastor of my church told the congregation, “Our church is dying.” And he was right. For four decades the church suffered slow but steady… read more
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